WhatsApp Plus APK Free Download Latest Version


WhatsApp Plus APK Full Free Download Latest Version 


When cell phones came into the hands of people, communication through messages did bring a revolution. In fact, it changed the whole way of doing things. After that, a critical need arose, which is the security of communication.

This need made people create new solutions. That’s why WhatsApp came into the market and rose to the heights of popularity. Almost one billion people are using it now. But, this article will tell you about WhatsApp Plus APK— a sister app that has more features and functionalities. So, everyone can communicate with end-to-end encryption. We want you to read the article for complete details. So keep reading to find out more.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Besides, WhatsApp Plus APK does not claim any hidden charges so you can use it without any stress of paying something. This messaging APK app is the best way to impress your friends with the stunning features of WhatsApp Plus APK.

File information

  • File Name: WhatsApp Plus APK
  • Version: Latest
  • Android Requires: 5.0+
  • Size: 52.3 MB
  • License Type: Freeware
  • Last Updated: 1 day ago

WhatsApp Plus APK

It is a similar app that works exactly like WhatsApp. It was introduced in the market in 2012. Developer and senior XDA member Rafalete created this App by customizing the original WhatsApp application. He changed the basic code and introduced a new user interface. The logo of the original App is green, which is changed to gold. Rafale added more functionalities and features, which we will discuss later in the article. Are you Also Looking for an Aero WhatsApp APK? Check it out.

This App uses end-to-end encryption for communicating messages. And you will find every functionality of the original App in it.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK legal in 2023?

The status of legality is under serious question. This App has been removed from the Play Store in the past, but now, it is still available for download. Some sources contacted the WhatsApp team for clarification, and the response was not so good. The WhatsApp team called this App illegal and unsafe. But authorities are silent on this matter. That’s why the status of legality is unclear. You can call this App a grey list application, which is neither legal nor illegal.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

How to Install WhatsApp Plus on your Android Phone? As mentioned before using the WhatsApp APK app is quite easy and installing this app is just a piece of cake. The following is the simple and quickest way to install this app on your smartphone.

  1. First of all, download the WhatsApp Plus app on your Android device by simply clicking on the link given below.
  2. Next, download this APK app and then install it on your device.
  3. Now if you want to get the complete backup of your chat, then open your WhatsApp and go to Settings-Chats-Backup.
  4. After that, make a complete backup and wait until your all chat is backed up.
  5. Next, uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device by following the simple steps. Settings -apps- WhatsApp Plus- Uninstall.
  6. Then, Install the WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device which you downloaded before from the above-mentioned link.
  7. After installation, you have to go through the simple automatic process that enters your mobile number and verifies it via OTP code.
  8. Next, enter your name and number after that you are ready your go. Thus, enjoy WhatsApp Plus on your Android device and connect yourself with the world.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

The internal structure of this App and WhatsApp is the same, and it has all the functionalities of the original App. We will tell you about the features that are new and worthy of mentioning.

Distinguishing Features

Theme facility:- This App allows users to choose themes, that are unique, versatile, and appealing to eyes. The whole UI is customizable. You can select the color of text, buttons, and graphics. The original App does not allow any customization. That’s why this App provides ease for choosing the right visual appearance. There are more than 700 themes available in the App. And you do not have to download themes separately. This App downloads the themes by itself and arranges them by name, date, and version.

More emoticons:- The original App has emoticons that make the conversation more emotional and real. But this App has added more emoticons to its collection. It has added the emoticons of Google Hangouts for better communication. But there is a catch. Only WhatsApp Plus users can view the emoticons. If you send an emoticon and the receiver has the original App, then new emoticons will not show in the message.

Hiding options:- The users of the original App were tired of other people getting interrupted while seeing them online. That’s why WhatsApp Plus introduced a hiding option. You can hide your status from any person or group. This option produced new freedom within the domain of encrypted communication.

Advanced file sharing option:- The original WhatsApp allows only files up to 16 MB, which causes intriguing tension among data distributors. This App enables file sharing up to 50 MB, which is convenient for users. Moreover, this App also provides file customization from 2MB to 50. The advanced file-sharing option is absent in the original App.

Cleaner: With this feature, you can delete all the unnecessary chats, clear chats, and all other extra stuff that you want to clean.

Recording Status: WhatsApp Plus APK is designed with another great feature that helps you hide your recording status from others.

Auto-Reply: This feature is only available for WhatsApp Business Accounts, but WhatsApp Plus has come up with this feature to facilitate its users. So, by using this feature you can set and send an Auto-reply message to people you want.

Wallpapers: Another incredible feature of this wonderful app is its unlimited Wallpapers. Everyone loves to set unique wallpapers on their wall and with this feature, you can set amazing wallpaper on your chat screen.

History and Logs: WhatsApp Plus APK has been designed with another awesome feature of History and Logs that was not offered by official WhatsApp. In this case, you can keep a record of every activity that is done on your account. This feature can be very beneficial for you in various ways.

Fonts and Styles: Everyone wants to keep different types of styles of fonts and with this feature, you can get a variety of different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes of fonts.

Sharing: This app allows the user to share things in a way that Official WhatsApp does not support. It allows you to share HD-quality images, and videos longer than 30 seconds, 50 MB of video size, and 100 MB of Audio size.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Another incredible feature of this wonderful app is its unlimited wallpaper. Everyone loves to set unique wallpapers on their wall and with this feature, you can set amazing wallpaper on your chat screen.


WhatsApp Plus APK Free Download Latest Version


WhatsApp Plus APK Free Download

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The downside of WhatsApp Plus APK

There are also a few downsides to using this App, which is mentioned below.

Slow updates: The producers of this App are not releasing updates in a regular manner. You have to wait for months for new updates.

Legal issues: Google had removed this App from the Play Store after the DMCA takedown. But it is still available to download from various other sources. So, there is an issue with the authenticity and legality of this App. If you are an advanced user, then you may regard the law. But you cannot call this App a legal one or an illegal one.

Security issues: It is a customized version of the original App, which can leak your private conversation to third parties. That’s why you should be cautious while using it.

Method to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus APK: This App is not available on the Google Play store. That’s why you need to download it from the Official Plus website. So download the App and install it. Then you need to do the following procedure. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Back up WhatsApp You need to back up all the data from the original App. For that, you need other software. The right software is Dr. Fone. So, you must download it and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Connect the device with the PC Then you need to connect your device to the PC by using a USB cable. After that, you need to open Dr. Fone on your PC and opt for the backup option. This act will start backing up your data. Then you need to wait for the backup to complete.

Step 3: View backup on your PC After completion, you need to view backup for confirmation.

Step 4: Restore back up to WhatsApp plus APK Then you need to select the restore WhatsApp tab to put data into your new App. This act will restore all data in the new App. Now you can view messages and other data on the new App.

What Users Said About WhatsApp Plus APK

By all means, WhatsApp Plus APK is the app that will leave you spellbound. You can customize your app in the way you like. In this way, you can give an entirely new look to your profile and chat windows. Furthermore, this app will provide you with endless and advanced features that the official version cannot. Thus, download this APK app from the link mentioned above and enjoy its incredible features.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK 2023?

WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the most popular versions of the Official WhatsApp and has been used by millions of users. This APK app is designed with so many advanced and latest features that are lacking in the official version. Yes, with WhatsApp Plus APK you can hide your last seen, change various themes, and much more. WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the user-friendly messaging apps like GBWhatsApp and the best and cheapest way to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones. In short, it is the simplest way to connect with people whether they are living in any part of the World.

Final Words

If you are looking for a new variety of themes and large file-sharing options, then WhatsApp Plus might be the right fit for you. On the contrary, if you value your security over appearance, then WhatsApp Plus might not satisfy you. So, you must weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision.

This comprehensive article covers the introduction and details of WhatsApp Plus APK, its features, installation process, legal status, drawbacks, switching methods, and user feedback. It aims to provide readers with a complete understanding of this alternative messaging app and help them decide whether it aligns with their preferences and priorities.

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